Nighthawks Fly by Bermudian

Bermudian vs Hanover

by Lewis Williams

Hanover v Berm

Spartans Take Down Nighthawks

York Tech vs Hanover

by Lewis Williams

Hanover v York Tech

Bolts Strike Down the Nighthawks

Littlestown vs. Hanover

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Hanover v Littlestown

Squires Squeeze by Nighthawks

Delone vs. Hanover

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Nighthawk Article

Halftime and End of Game Updates

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Hanover Volleyball Video: Gettysburg Tournament

Video by Saige Stevens

Featuring the 2016-2017 Hanover High School Girl's Volleyball Team

"It's Just People Twirling Flags"

Article by Nachalie Oliveras

Featuring the Hanover High School Color Gaurd

I’ve been in colorguard for not even a full season yet, and have heard this saying numerous times. I promise you that we don’t “twirl,” (I mean, we’re not Majorettes here), and that students who are in guard or have come to a competition have loved it. This group went from being highly respected and winning championships, to everybody doubting them and saying that they aren’t good. The students who have been in this group for about five years have had to deal with much more of the students letting them know that they don’t think that the team is good enough. This season we have so many new members, and they have already said that they’re doing it again next year. They loved it.

The team has had students tell them that they might join next year, it’s a really diverse group and everybody is quite close. At other schools we’ve had teams tell us that they like how close we are. We have bonded so much throughout colorguard and we’ve all become like a second family to each other. I have known some of my teammates since elementary school and we didn’t really talk. Now, we’re very close.

Not only is the team great, but so is the coach and the guard moms that are always there. They have not only helped us with the show, made our props, and given us tracksuits; they have been there out of colorguard. If somebody is having an off day, needs a ride to practice, doesn’t bring food, or just needs a bit of guidance, we have our coach and guard moms to turn to. We have their full support and we can always look up in the bleachers and see them watching us. I’ve looked at them during many performances when I get nervous, because going on to perform isn’t easy. They give us the courage to perform.

I’m really thankful for those people who have been behind us this season and the crew members who have cancelled many Saturdays to come help us. It isn’t easy, once we hit the floor, we have to do our best to be clean and graceful. Aiming for a silent tape where the judges don’t say anything and our coach crying over the performance. And through the many, many, bumps and bruises along the way, we are proud to call colorguard our sport.

“It isn’t just people spinning flags.”