Edition 2 - Emily Daubert

posted May 17, 2017, 6:48 AM by Sierra Stevens   [ updated May 17, 2017, 6:51 AM ]

By Saige Stevens and Ally Montour

On Getting Acquainted With Mini-THON:

All throughout high school, Emily knew she wanted to go to Penn State University. While aimlessly scrolling through their website, she came across their THON. She was “...super interested right away...” and “...didn’t hesitate...” to implement the activity into her school. Although she didn’t end up attending there, she wanted the Thon experience Penn State has to be brought to others in her local community. Thus, Mini-THON was born at HHS.

Her Mini-THON Experience:

She describes the first ever Mini-THON at HHS as “...super fun.” Although Emily says many of her classmates were tired, and says she caught many sleeping in the lobby (whom she calls 'the nappers'), she was proud of how everything went. Some made the entire night, which she believes was very good for the first time ever running it. Emily says that “everyone pitched in” and it was “...well executed and well-thought out...” with the help of the student council at the time. Even without the current numbers of our school's’ mini-THON crew, they managed to pull it off. Emily says that “...it was a little harder to make it the entire time...” but being that it was the first time they had done something like that, she was proud of the outcome. She describes it as “...really encouraging.”

On HHS Continuing With Mini-THON:

Emily was very surprised to see that Mini-THON had the success it did here at HHS. She “...had no clue it was going to catch on...” and thought it would only last about five years if she got lucky. When she was in high school, she did Mini-THON as a project, but gradually gave away some of the responsibility to her classmates so they continue if they wished after she had graduated. She also tried to persuade her brother, a member of Student Council, to continue with it. But even with that, she is still surprised we are continuing to do this twelve years later. “The entire thing was bigger than us,” Emily says.

Advantages Of Helping With Mini-THON:

Fundraising is a large component in making the Mini-THON experience successful. Emily hated this, being that she had to do it by herself the first year. However, the acts of writing letters and “asking people for money” proved to be a good skill to learn, especially because it was all for the kids. She believes Mini-THON helped her “...realize that it was the most important thing you could do in the world, with your life.” She also describes it as “...the most fun and most rewarding thing.” Going through high school, she often worried about what she was going to do for a career. However, with the help of Mini-THON, she gained “...a focus in life.” Emily wanted to help people, that she was sure of. Mini-THON gave her a purpose to help people, in whatever way that may be in the future.

Where Emily is Now:

Emily is currently attending grad school at the University of Maryland College Park. She studies in the Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology. To simplify this, she looks at “...how kids learn math,” mostly from families with low incomes. Then, she looks at their particular strengths in the math field and sees how/if “they can catch up to their peers in higher-income backgrounds.”